HatchTraveller Care

Transporting chicks remains a key challenge for poultry producers worldwide. While companies have significantly improved their incubation, hatching, and farming processes in recent years, transport remains a “break” in the chick development cycle. This disrupted development can severely impair final chick quality.

Meanwhile, today’s poultry producers face a range of different pressures, including sustainability, animal welfare, chick quality, and return on investment.

HatchTraveller is the only system that addresses each of these needs while also looking after your bottom line.

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MicroClimer Setter & Hatcher

This unique airflow system creates ideal environmental conditions in which every embryo in the incubator is kept at the optimal temperature for outstanding development.

MicroClimer Setter & Hatcher


The only hatcher with feed, water, and light has been renewed. Better climate conditions, improved uniformity, and a more user-friendly process result in even stronger and healthier chicks.

The NEW HatchCare